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What’s the Best City Car to Buy?

By Mike Richards Posted: 09/06/2019

If you are spending your days in the city and have to negotiate crowded, tight streets, a small car could be the best choice for you, especially if you don’t take more than one or two passengers along for the drive. So, what’s the best City Car to buy?

What to Look For?

The preferences are specific to each and every buyer, and must fulfil their needs and be adapted to their habits and lifestyle. A car that is good for one driver may not suit another. Another important factor to take into consideration is your budget.

However, there are a few general traits most buyers interested in compact cars are usually looking for. Most likely, you will want a nimble and agile drive, a peppy engine in the lower revs and something that will be able to go pretty far on one tank. Not only will you want a car that can handle heavy city traffic, but also that can be easy to park.

What’s the Best City Car to Buy?

Looking around many of the top lists for the 2018 best small or compact car, the Honda Fit seems to be the one standing out. This car ranks #1 on U.S. News’ Small Cars, Subcompact Cars and, Hatchbacks lists.

Image: Honda USA

According to the manufacturer, the MSRP starts at $16,190 with a 29 mpg range in the city. The car offers plenty of space inside for its size, nice engine packing 130 hp, although it is a bit sluggish from the start. There is plenty of room in the trunk for anything you might want to transport around.

If you are looking to drive in more comfort and a whiff of luxury in your city car, then there are several other options you could consider. There are certain car brands that have an aura about them of high class and higher status. Although the new Mini is far away from what it used to be, it is still a preferred choice for many.

The Mini Hardtop brings everything you want in a small car: agility, style and engines that can go when you put your foot down. But this class does have its downsides as trunk space and backseat space are not in Mini’s favor. Its range in the city is from 22 to 28 mpg with engines ranging from 134 to 228 hp. However, compared to the Honda Fit, the MSRP starts at $21,900.


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Where to Buy?

Nevertheless, different buyers operate on different budgets and looking for the best option for your budget is key. This is why answering this question is so hard. More important than to find the best city car in general, is to find a city car that is best for you, that is, suited to your needs and within your budget.

This means that you will need to do some research before committing to buy any vehicle. When looking for a city car to buy, you should go through listings, various dealers websites and car auction websites as you might find some gems from the past three to five years that still don’t look out of place on the city roads in 2019.

Online auto auction platforms like Auto Auction Mall are a particularly good place to look for an affordable city car. Not only will you be able to browse hundreds of thousands of vehicles, but the prices are really affordable. That’s because through Auto Auction Mall you can get access to car auctions across the country, including dealer-only auctions. You are sure to find the city car you need for a price that fits your budget.

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