What is Salvage title? Export cars from the U.S.

When Should You Buy a Salvage Car?

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/23/2019 Posted: 09/21/2017

Before you automatically answer that question above with the word “never”, think again. Why? You should buy a salvage car for many different reasons, and if you do a bit of research and make wise choices, you will find it to be one of the wisest investments ever. While cars earn themselves “salvage” titles because they are “totaled” in an accident or by some sort of incident (floods, for example), not all of them are actually lost causes.

For instance, if you buy a salvage car in a dealer auction, you may look it over and wonder why it garnered that title in the first place. This is because there are many salvage vehicles that suffered purely cosmetic issues. The costs to do the body work or other repairs were deemed unreasonable by an insurance company, and so the car was labeled as salvage. Think about that for a moment – you can buy a salvage car for pennies on the dollar, sink a bit of money into those cosmetic repairs and still come out with an amazing, bargain basement price.

Other Reasons to Buy a Salvage Car

Naturally, you will want to buy a salvage car for many other possible reasons. For example, you might have a dream car in need of restoration. It sits in your garage waiting different repairs, and you hold off on them because parts are tough to find or wildly expensive to purchase. However, if you are registered with a dealer auction website, you can often find any number of modern to classic cars available purely for parts. Not only does this put certain costly or hard to find parts in your hands, but it also gives you a vehicle to use for other repairs and parts in the future.

Even if you are not restoring a vintage classic, there is never anything wrong with investing in a reasonably decent salvage vehicle just to ensure you always have spare parts for the cheapest price.

A salvage vehicle is also a great project or learning experience. For instance, many buyers will use salvage vehicles for their first restoration or rebuild projects. They may even use them with friends or family to learn how to repair and fix cars of all kinds. It could even be the beginning of a lucrative side business since many states allow you to make specific repairs to cars deemed salvage and then have them re-titled to be sold as used cars instead.

Another time to consider buying a salvage vehicle or even multiple salvage vehicles is when they are still in reasonable shape and can be exported to different parts of the world. There is growing demand for American model cars outside of the U.S., and you may be able to create a small business exporting salvage vehicles to all corners of the globe.

The best part of this is that you can now access all of the same salvage vehicles that licensed dealers can when you register with an auto dealer auction site. Find a reputable firm and consider the many options they have for salvage, used and like-new vehicles.