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Which Is The Best Place To Buy Second Hand Cars?

By Mike Richards Posted: 08/15/2019

Which is the best place to buy second hand cars? With so many options available, there is a lot of choice.

Traditionally, used car buyers did not have many options when they were looking for a new set of wheels. It was either searching through numerous ads in newspapers, specialized magazines and yellow pages or submitting to grueling negotiations with the local dealer.

Nowadays, however, with so many options available nowadays, many buyers are asking which is the best place to buy second hand cars.

The Influence of the Internet

Over recent years, things have changed dramatically. There are now many more options, and this is the case to a large extent thanks to the internet. The internet has enabled buyers to expand their search to areas far away and even abroad.

But the mindset has not changed that much. Most buyers still remain bound to dealers and online car listings by private buyers. However, the trend has finally started to change over the last few years due to several companies exploring a niche market that opened up with the emergence of the internet: online car auctions.

Car Auctions

Car auctions have been around for a while and a number of companies have already built up their reputations as reliable and trusted sources. In the old days, only experienced buyers dared to attend public auctions where you could buy used, salvage and sometimes even new cars. That’s because auctions can be overwhelming environments, with quick bids, lots of noise and, especially, a lot of vehicles to choose from.

But the most attractive cars are the ones sold at dealer auctions. However, these auctions are closed to the wider public. Only those in possession of a dealers’ license are usually allowed in.

What makes these auctions interesting is the fact that brand new and cars coming off lease are put on the auction block. There are also trade-in and dealer vehicles on offer. And another point that makes these auctions interesting is the fact that dealers buy and sell cars in these auctions. Used car dealerships buy their inventory in these auctions. This means you can save money and avoid a dealer mark-up by buying there.

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The Advantages of Going Online


You’d think that without having a dealers’ license you would not be able to enter. You’d be right, but only up to a point. Attending these auctions in person is impossible unless you know someone who has a dealer license. And this is exactly where the above-mentioned companies come into play. Third-party proxy companies own and maintain a dealer’s license for this reason exactly. They provide you access to any auction in exchange for a fee. Even with this added to your budget, you will save a lot of money in your car purchase.

This means that you can browse through all the vehicles put up for bidding at dealer auctions. At a website like Auto Auction Mall, you can check photos, the vehicle history and get all the information you need to make a decision. You even get excellent customer support.

You can get more bang for your buck, you can tailor the online search to your exact needs and work with the assigned broker to stay on budget when bidding. In addition, you can arrange the pick-up and delivery of the car to your driveway, making online auctions probably the best place to buy a used car currently.

But even if you’re just interested in the kinds of cars you’d find at a public auction, buying online is still the best choice. That’s because auction platforms like Auto Auction Mall give you access to hundreds of thousands of vehicles, with all the details you need to make an informed choice. Besides you can do everything from the comfort of your own home, without having to deal with the confusing and chaotic environment of an auction.

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