Why an Online Dealer Auction Is Better than Going in Person

By Mike Richards Posted: 10/04/2017

You’ve probably heard of a dealer auction before. This is when a car dealership starts selling off a large portion of its inventory by holding an auction. Customers love them because it gives them the opportunity to get an amazing deal on a great vehicle, far below what they’d usually pay at a dealership.

The Online Dealer Auction

Thanks to the World Wide Web, you no longer need to show up to a dealer auction in person to benefit from this amazing setup. Instead, you can simply go online and score a fantastic deal from the comfort of your own home.

However, if you’re still reticent to try out this method, consider the following benefits.

Unparalleled Convenience

This one we already touched on, but it’s worth reiterating. It doesn’t get much more convenient than attending a dealer auction while you sit at home.

Otherwise, you may have to drive quite a distance to attend one. Generally, they’re held on Saturday mornings, too – not exactly when you want to beat the sunrise.

Greater Variety of Vehicles

When you go to a dealer auction in person, you’re limited to the vehicles available there on that day. For the most part, dealers need to acquire special licenses before they can hold these types of auctions, which further reduces your options for attending one of these events.

Basically, you’re stuck with the dealers in your area that have these licenses and limited to the vehicles they wish to part with for a reduced price.

With an online version, these same rules don’t necessarily apply. The upshot is that you get far more access to far more vehicles from a number of different sources.

If you live in a smaller area or more remote city, your options for vehicles may not leave you a lot to choose from. You may have to travel a mile or more before you get to a decent dealership and, even then, the inventory may be lacking. Online auctions completely erase this problem.

Buy from Anywhere

Now, the above two features would already be pretty great if that’s all that online dealer auctions had to offer, but it actually gets even better.

That’s because you can actually buy vehicles being auctioned off from anywhere in the world. We touched on this a bit already, but many people seem to think that you have to live in the state you buy from.

The actual truth is that people living in other countries buy vehicles located in America through online auctions all the time. Depending on where you live, this could easily save you thousands and thousands of dollars. People who live in big cities often take advantage of the deals at these auctions because vehicles cost so much where they live.

Dealers are currently selling countless vehicles every year through the Internet. By using an auction setup, they get to make more room on their lots for new vehicles. For buyers everywhere, this means a much more convenient buying process that costs less for high-quality vehicles they may have otherwise never had access to.