Why Auction Cars for Sale Are so Popular

By Mike Richards Posted: 10/04/2017

More and more, people are turning to car auctions when they are in the market for a vehicle. Keep reading to find out why.

Car Salespeople Are Becoming Obsolete

In the past, you needed a good salesperson to help you pick out and purchase a vehicle. After all, most of us aren’t overly knowledgeable when it comes to cars, yet buying one is an absolutely huge decision.

Unfortunately, a salesperson’s help often came with some strings attached. There’s a reason they have such a bad reputation. Even if you ended up with the car you wanted, it was easy to be talked into adding all kinds of extras.

Nowadays, it certainly helps to understand cars a bit before making a purchase, but the Internet is here to help. You can do all kinds of research beforehand and even while you’re considering auction cars for sale in-person. We highly recommend the Kelley Blue Book app for this.

If you don’t like high-pressure sales tactics, you’re going to love perusing auction cars for sale.

The Prices

Even if you manage to bypass salespeople and keep from being talked into bells and whistles, you’re still going to pay a premium at a dealership.

Auction cars for sale are almost always going to be far less than the sticker price you’d find at dealerships. The only exceptions may be some specialty cars after a bidding war breaks out.

However, as long as you keep your head, you’ll find it pretty easy to buy a car for a very affordable price.

There also won’t be any of the many dealer fees that somehow always get added to the final cost of a vehicle. This will result in less sales tax, too.

Less Depreciation

Speaking of prices, more and more people are becoming wise to the fact that vehicles are one of the worst investments. The moment you buy one, it begins depreciating. Unlike homes, land and all kinds of commodities, there’s no way the vehicle you buy is ever going to be worth more.

While this remains true for auction cars for sale, the depreciation is far less severe. Unless you get in a major accident, selling your vehicle within three years or so of its purchase shouldn’t produce too much of a loss.

You Can Find Genuinely Good Cars

There’s a major misconception out there that auction cars for sale are all low quality. Sure, there are definitely some clunkers out there, but that hardly describes the entire field. At dealer auctions, for example, you’ll mostly find cars in great condition. The dealer just wants to get rid of them ASAP because they need to free up room on their lot for new inventory.

Government auctions always have great vehicles. They’re usually old police cruisers that have been replaced.

The nice thing about this mistaken belief is that, for the time being, these auctions are very underappreciated. While this is changing, you can still benefit from the lack of competition.

If you want help making the most out of cars that are up for auction, just let us know. At Auto Auction Mall, we will look at vehicles within your budget that meet your requirements and then bid to get the lowest price possible.