What is Salvage title?

Why a salvage car for a savvy used car buyer is a the right choice?

By Mike Richards Updated: 07/26/2022 Posted: 09/26/2017

Are you familiar with salvage cars?

If so, you’re probably wondering why anyone would bother spending good money on these vehicles in the first place. We’re going to explain why in this article, so, the next time you’re in the market, you may consider saving money by going with one.

Used & Salvage Car Auctions

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These Vehicles Are Cheap

There’s no doubt about it: salvage cars that are for sale through dealers auto auctions are the most affordable out there. Why? Well for obvious reasons, of course, but those issues are easy to overlook when you’re on an extremely tight budget and don’t want to strain it for other options.

As you may know, the sticker price for salvage cars only tells half the story. You also have to pay for the repairs it requires, or you’ll not be able to issue a title. Still, if you do your research (or can simply handle repairs on your own), you can find a vehicle that will always be a good deal, especially after it’s fixed up.

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Copart dealers auto auction for salvage cars

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They Can Do the Repairs Themselves

We just touched on this, but it’s also a primary reason people buy salvage cars. Even if they’re not professional mechanics, some people just enjoy working on cars. After doing their due diligence, if they find out that they can repair a vehicle, they’ll do so and either keep it or sell it off.

List of repair shop directories to find an automotive repair shops near you.

  1. Automotive Service Excellence – By using ASE you can search for nearly 1,500 automotive repair shops where a large percentage of the technicians are ASE-certified professionals.
  2. Auto Repair Key – Quotes on automotive repairs from local shops across the country.
  3. Extreme Wrench – Local source to find a repair shop

Repaired Salvage Cars Can Turn a Profit

Speaking of which, many people are always on the lookout for salvage cars they know they can buy and flip for a decent amount of money. As they’re handling the repairs on their own, they don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant prices for labor.

Likewise, they don’t need to pass this price along to their buyers, something that makes these vehicles very attractive to those in the market.

Salvage Cars Often Get a Bad Reputation Unfairly

It’s also worth mentioning that not all salvage cars for sale are being sold because they’re in such terrible shape. If the vehicle couldn’t possibly ever run again, the government would step in and label it “unrepairable.” This legal designation literally means it can’t be used for anything other than scrap or parts.

Unless they have that label, there’s still hope. Furthermore, a lot of these vehicles are actually in very decent shape. They may have ended up in a salvage yard because they were acquired by a lender after a borrower couldn’t pay them back. The bank doesn’t want this collateral; they want their money. Therefore, they want the vehicle sold ASAP to help recoup their losses.

Similarly, you may be familiar with the fact that law enforcement can seize property that was used to further a crime or was otherwise acquired illegally. Again, they have no use for it, so they look to get it sold as quickly as possible.

The point is that you shouldn’t assume that all salvage cars for sale are rust buckets that you wouldn’t possibly want ever to drive. Shop around, and you could find a real steal.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the next time you need a car, maybe now you’ll think again about purchasing one of these. Countless other people have and have been quite happy about doing so.