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Why Should I Buy My Car Through Auto Auction Mall from Nigeria?

By Femi Amisu Posted: 11/14/2018

If you’re reading this, you’re probably actively searching for the best place or option to buy used cars from U.S auctions. Great! We will tell you her why you should buy your car through Auto Auction Mall from Nigeria.

Choosing to buy used cars from auctions in the U.S is the right decision. Primarily, because of the cost it saves you. You are able to buy used vehicles at a fraction of their retail costs. To make these purchases, you’d usually require a dealer’s license. You would also need to pay a premium or subscription fee of anywhere between $200 and $500 and that’s where Auto Auction Mall comes in.

buying a used car

Auto Auction Mall is the largest online vehicle auction marketplace that provides access to dealer-only and private auctions in North America you usually wouldn’t have access to without some type of subscription payment or dealer license.  From the Auto Auction Mall website, you are able to access vehicle auctions from auction houses such as Manheim, Copart, Adesa, and IAAI.

Auto auction mall has been in existence since the year 2013 and continues to assist thousands of people from all over the world to purchase their dream cars without hassles and at excellent prices. This amongst other reasons is why AAM has grown to become the largest online vehicle auction marketplace.

Why should I buy a vehicle through Auto Auction Mall?

Local Customer Support

There’s literally no auction platform that offers the level of customer support provided by Auto Auction Mall in Nigeria. There is a dedicated rep who is available round the clock to guide you through the process and assist you in purchasing your car.

AAM even took it a step further by directly establishing a customer support unit with offices at 371, Borno way, Yaba to attend to your inquiries in person. We believe that excellent customer support means a positive experience and for a significant investment or expense as purchasing a car, we believe this is a critical value that we have to offer our client base.

You can reach our representative at [email protected] or call – 08025307997.

Access to Dealer Only and Private Auctions

There are dealer only auctions and an end user like yourself won’t be able to access them without a dealer license. You might be thinking, “How hard can it be to get a license?” It’s not hard but it is a long and costly process that would be a waste of time for anyone not looking to make car sales into a career.
To meet the requirement, there are at least 12-14 steps and licenses to get through and obtain.

That’s not all, you’d also have to submit some statements, have a retail space and show proof of it before you’ll be issued the dealer’s license. The good news is that, at AAM, you are granted access to dealer-only auctions. AAM bridges the gap and gives you the opportunity to purchase your dream car at an affordable price. You can save the hassle of buying at up to twice the cost from the dealers. Think about having access to where your local car dealer or merchant re-stocks from.

Auto Auction Mall from Nigeria

No Annual Fees

Buying vehicles from AAM do not require a payment of a monthly or yearly subscription. There is no fee to participate in the auctions or purchase cars. We only charge a one time flat fee for every purchase and that also is only when you make a purchase.  You’ll only need to register once and that’s it.

Free Registration 

All you need to register at AAM is your name, your email address, and phone number. No fee is required until you decide to start your bid. After the registration, you’ll be granted access to an inventory of over 150, 000 cars from different brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Dodge, Kia, Hyundai, Jeep, Chrysler and so much more.

Responsive and Easy to Understand Platform

We are very conscious of the user experience on our platform fully mindful of the fact that our website is probably the only way potential customers have to view, access and make purchase decisions about cars they like. The AAM website is easy to understand and easy to use.

Considering that in the Nigerian internet space, many Nigerians access the internet via smartphones, the website is updated continuously and optimized to be mobile responsive. In essence, you can literally purchase a car from your smartphone. There’s also a wealth of resources and already answered FAQ’s to provide guides and answer any questions or troubleshooting issues you may experience.

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Access To Auction Specialists

AAM offers you experienced auction specialist with over 30 years of auction experience to guide you through the auction process and help you bid if you want. We want to ensure you get your dream car for the right price which is why we go the extra mile.

The Knowledge/Learning Centre

We believe in a transparent and open process to vehicle purchasing. This is why we have invested years of efforts to provide thousands of resources and guides. We want to provide as much information and knowledge as you need. As well as all the information about a car auction process, so you are in a better position to make informed decisions about your next car purchase.

Please feel free to visit our knowledge center. We have a wealth of information created and curated just for you.

Remember that you can always reach out for help. You can contact us through the website, social media platforms, or our local representative. Please feel free register and search for your dream cars for free. We have access to over 150,000 vehicles on a daily basis.

Let’s go get your dream car!

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