Why You Should Make Your Next Purchase at a Car Dealer Auction

By Mike Richards Posted: 09/26/2017

The next time you’re in the market for an automobile, do yourself a favor and buy from a car dealer auction. Despite how popular they’ve become, these opportunities are still underappreciated by the majority of people. Here’s why you should definitely consider them.

You’re Not Going to Find a Better Deal Anywhere

The obvious main benefit of buying your next vehicle at a car dealer auction is that you’re going to get the best deal possible.

Sure, your very wealthy friend could decide to give you theirs after hitting the lottery again, but barring that, you just won’t do better.

Even if you regularly go through the classified section or some other local resource, the best deal is going to be at a car dealer auction.

Unless you completely lose your common sense and enter a foolish bidding war, you have a lot of control over the price and, naturally, can work to keep it within your boundaries.

There Are No High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Everyone likes buying a new car (even if it’s used). What people don’t like is feeling as though they’re being forced into making a purchase. Usually, the initial purchase is just the beginning, too. After that, the salesperson brings you into a room and tries to add another $1,000 or so by pitching all kinds of bells and whistles.

This just doesn’t happen at a car dealer auction. For one thing, there are no bells and whistles. What you see in front of you is the vehicle you’re going to get if you land the winning bid.

Similarly, there are no salespeople. Auctioneers generally aren’t going to spend any time convincing you of a purchase because there are plenty of people waiting in line to buy the same vehicle.

The Cars Are in Great Shape

There are a few different types of car auctions. Some of them have given the entire concept a bad name. They’re the type where you really don’t know anything about a car except that it has clearly seen better days and, no matter what, you’ll have to spend good money on having it fixed just so it’ll run.

This is not what happens at a car dealer auction. These cars are usually being sold off because the dealership wants to make room for more, not because of anything wrong with them.

Sure, you’ll find a few in rough shape, but even those come with verified car histories, so you can be sure of what you’re purchasing.

You Have a Large Variety to Choose from

Another benefit of buying from a dealer like this is that there is going to be a good selection to choose from.

When it comes to those less savory auctions we mentioned earlier, the selection is often wanting. You’re stuck trying to find the lesser of all evils and hoping to get a good price on it.

Dealers may also have specialty vehicles you’d have a hard time finding elsewhere. You might even be one of the only people there interested in such a niche ride.

If you’re still a bit cautious about bidding on cars, let auto auction mall do the bidding for you. We can help you choose from vehicles from dealer auctions all over the country.