Lexus LC for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Lexus

The Lexus LC is a grand tourer/personal luxury car from Lexus Toyota luxury division. Produced since March 2017, this two seater was first shown at the North America Auto Show. The Lexus LC features a 5.0L 467bhp engine but improves to 471 because of new intake and exhaust. It is paired with a new 10 speed automatic transmission. It is a sports car, so consumption is quite high. It is extremely luxurious and dashing at exterior end, with new LED headlights that take your breath away. The interior is no different, with divided driver and passenger accessibility. Everything Lexus has done in this car is luxurious, and so are the 8 inch screens. If you want to invest in a luxury sports car with high performance, this is the car for you.