Lexus RX for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Lexus SUVs / Crossovers

The Lexus RX is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV vehicle based on Toyota Highlander. The RX has been made since 1998 and after several generations is still a successful Lexis Series. The Lexus RX features a front and all-wheel drive, a gasoline engine including V6 and hybrid systems today, 3.0L with 275bhp. Its estimated fuel consumption is around 24 miles per gallon. This one is very luxurious and beautiful as all Lexus models are, and a crossover between a sport and a family model, so there is something for everyone’s taste. Security systems are great, and rear parking cameras and LED lights are a must-try. Whether you are a family man or a sporty type, this may be the car for you.