Used & Salvage McLaren for Sale

When you mention McLaren, everyone thinks about the illustrious Formula 1 team. However, there is much more to the name. McLaren was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963 as a Formula 1 racing team The team was bought in 1981 by Ron Dennis, who later founded the McLaren Group based in Woking in the United Kingdom. The group is now the parent company of the team as well as McLaren Automotive, the group responsible for the cars we can see outside of the Formula 1 track. The division initially known as McLaren Cars produced some gems like the McLaren F1, once the fastest production car in the world. Modern-day McLaren’s include the P1, the McLaren Senna and many other high-end sports cars for the road. There are currently 0 used McLaren's for sale through online auctions and 0 buy now.