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The McLaren F1 GTR was a racing variant of the McLaren F1 sports car. It wa first produced in 1995 for grand touring style racing, such as the BPR Global GT Series, FIA GT Championship, JGTC, and British GT Championship. It is famous for its overall victory at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it won against faster purpose-built prototypes. The F1 GTR features a BMW S70/2 6.064 cc (6.1l) V12 engine that is naturally aspirated. A rear wheel drive car with a 6-speed manual transmission, this is a racing model only usable on track. This model consumes at 17l/100km or around 32mpg. With a top speed of 317kph, it is mostly made of carbon fiber and features safety systems such as a safety cage and similar.