Mercedes-Benz E Class for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a range of executive cars manufactured by German automaker Mercedes-Benz in various engine and body configurations. Produced since 1953, the E-Class falls midrange in the Mercedes line-up and has been marketed worldwide across five generations. Mercedes-Benz E Class features 2.0L and 3.0L engines with BiTurbo feature ranging from 241 bhp and 273Nm of torque to 362bhp and 369Nm of torque. The car also features a 9-speed 9G-TRONIC transmission that enables faster gearshifts at low engine revs while cruising. Other features include ECO start/stop, climate control and air body control suspension, alongside ECO comfort, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes of control. It is fairly consuming at around 10l/100km. This is a very well built vehicle, with quality, elegance, speed and reliability.