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We help you purchase cars from US dealer-only auctions (such as Copart) and export to Nigeria.

Auto Auction Mall is Copart Authorized Rep
Used Cars For Sale in Nigeria
Auto Auction Mall is Copart Authorized Rep

Important Information About Exporting Cars to Nigeria

Introducing Auto Auction Mall – Copart’s Authorized Representative In Nigeria

Are you looking to purchase and import your dream car from US dealer-only auctions at wholesale prices without the stress of travel and visas? Do you need an online auction platform you can trust with excellent customer support?

How long to ship a car from USA to Nigeria?

Nigerian used car market is supplied mostly with imported vehicles, 90 percent to be more precise. The market, however, has endured a bad spell as the government set out to protect its domestic car industry and introduced levies on used car imports starting June 2015. Some estimates show that Nigeria imports over half a million cars while others show a more conservative figure of 200,000 on a yearly basis.

Avoid Penalty Fees When Importing Your Car to Nigeria

Some of the most common penalty fees result from late payments or storage charges. These are charged by the auction clearing house, and are unknown by some clients. Hence, there are confusions and unexpected expenses that lead to budget overruns.

Opportunities in Exporting Cars to Nigeria from the United States

The Nigerian economy has displayed a healthy growth for some years now, as shown by its increasing industrial output, the growing number of businesses as well as consumer demand. In addition, due to Nigeria’s still limited industrial infrastructure, there is always a high demand for imports, especially of automobiles. This means that there are many opportunities in the international automobile market in Nigeria. Exporting cars to Nigeria is becoming increasingly common, and presents a growing opportunity for investment.

5 Reasons Why Your US Auction Car Purchase or Shipping to Nigeria May be Delayed

Buying a US auction car is a straightforward but lengthy process that all intending buyers should be aware of. Regardless of the average length of time (6-8 weeks), the benefits far outweigh the negatives. With Auto Auction Mall, you get to buy your dream cars at a fraction of the price. You also have access to used car auctions across entire North America from the comfort of your home.

20 Best Selling Cars Under N730,000 (US$2000) Perfect For Nigerian Buyers

Getting a car that fits your budget, your needs and the Nigerian road condition can sometimes be a tall order. The availability of spare parts, access to skilled labour and of recent, custom duty have all become key factors to consider when choosing which car to buy.

4 Penalties To Avoid When Buying US Auction Cars From Nigeria

Saving money in your car purchase is one of the benefits of buying US auction cars from Nigeria. Also, having a certain amount of assurance. Rules are required to guide transactions for car auctions to function correctly. Penalties are also necessary to prevent time wastage. Certainly, they help make sure that only right prospective buyers participate.

Business Opportunities For Nigerians Through Used Car Auctions – Auto Auction Mall

The benefits of buying cars through used car auctions are many. Some of which include affordability, and access to hundreds of thousands of cars via an online inventory. Also, the ability to buy from the comfort of your home or office. But that’s not all. Other insightful benefits that unwind from the access to used cars inventory are business opportunities for Nigerians.

Why Should I Buy My Car Through Auto Auction Mall from Nigeria?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably actively searching for the best place or option to buy used cars from U.S auctions. Great! We will tell you her why you should buy your car through Auto Auction Mall from Nigeria.

Best Used Cars Under:

Buying & Shipping Cars to Nigeria

Step 1
Searching for a Car
Searching for the right car for you and your family is easy with Auto Auction Mall. Simply use the search options on our homepage. Start by searching for a specific Make/Model or by the type of car you are looking for. You can save your favorite cars into a watchlist to come back to.
Step 2
Deposit & Schedule an Auction
Once you’ve found the car or cars that you are interested in, you need to make a deposit. $600 is the minimum to start bidding. With this you can bid up to $4,000 on a car. The bigger the deposit the more you can bid. The ratio is 10x the deposit.
Step 3
Bid & Win or Buy Now
Some of our vehicles are ‘Buy Now’ meaning you can buy outright immediately, without having to take part in an auction. If you take part in an auction, then when the timer ends, the user with the highest bid wins the car at that price.
Step 4
Make Full Payment & Financing
Upon winning the vehicle at the auction or using the Buy Now option, you will have 2 business days to make full payment for the car. We will soon have financing arrangements available to our Nigerian customers to help with the payment for the purchases of the car.
Step 5
We can help ship to you anywhere, whether you’re in the USA or Canada, Africa, or even further afield. We can ship to you, and advise on the best shipping methods to choose from.
Step 6
Arrival & Clearing
Auto Auction Mall does not render local clearing services. However, if you need assistance with this, we can refer you to an independent clearing agent with whom you may speak. The choice is totally yours if you want to work with him or not and Auto Auction Mall cannot take responsibility for your interactions with the local agent.

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