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The Toyota GT 86 is a striking 2+2 sports car developed by Toyota and Subaru teams and built in Subaru’s plant. Having a very low center of gravity and 50/50 weight balance, this vehicle is one of the best speedsters on the market today. Equipped with 2.0L 4U-GSE I FA20 H4 engine, it offers an amazing power of 200hp. This model is equipped with either 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic A960E transmission. Its average fuel economy is 39 MPG. This vehicle is very safe, having airbags, ABS, anti-theft systems installed. It was rated by ANCAP safety rating with 4.5/5 stars, having mentioned improved brake systems providing improved pedestrian safety. For all you free-spirited speedsters, this vehicle is something you shouldn’t miss.
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