Volkswagen Scirocco for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Volkswagen

Produced since the 1970s, the Volkswagen Scirocco is a high-performance sport compact car at the higher ticket level. Since it first came into the market, it has been featured in movies, raced in motorsport championships, and has become available in several variants. The Volkswagen Scirocco is a powerful 3-door hatchback car fit for the speed-loving driver, young and old. The Volkswagen Scirocco has an acceleration speed of 6 seconds from 0-60 mph and a top speed of 160 mph, all achieved with over 230 HP under its hood. The Volkswagen Scirocco is comfortably designed, comes in accented colors symbolic of the Volkswagen logo, and is available in multiple interior options. When looking at this car, expect to see top-class luxury, style, and beauty.