Volvo XC60 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Volvo SUVs / Crossovers

Volvo’s answer to the market demand for luxury crossover SUVs, the Volvo Xc60 is a stylish statement SUV fit for high-class singles and families alike. Manufactured since 2008, the Volvo Xc60 is a compact luxury crossover SUV made for the tight-fit -yet-luxury appeal. The Volvo Xc60 today is one of Volvo’s most luxurious cars. The Volvo Xc60 houses 320 HP under its hood with up to 300 lb of torque. The Volvo Xc60 features trim levels that offer leather seats, sunroof features, remote start and many more interior and exterior options. Fit for families, very reliable and with a great fuel economy, this endurable and long-lasting car is perfect for families seeking a dependable and luxurious SUV.